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ragazziDates: 01/12/2019 – 01/06/2020 (six months)- Project description: Solidarity in the field of youth and culture- Host Organizations Associazione Link

 The cultural association Link, founded in 2003 with the aim of promoting intercultural learning and values such as solidarity and active citizenship. Since its birth the association had youth as its main target group, focusing
on local and international volunteering and mobility as an opportunity for growth and non-formal learning. Link carries on different cultural activities such as the management of the municipal media library in Irsina (a small town of the province of Matera) and the Community library in the city of

Venue: Altamura

Altamura is divided in two parts: the city and the historical centre where is the office of Link. In the historical centre you can visit the cathedral. This church is quite important and it was built by Federico the II di Svevia in the year 1232. It is the most important monument of the city, and also the square around it is important in the summer evenings to sit together and have a drink with friends and during the city holidays to see the great parades which they organize.
The city has 70.000 inhabitants, but it is quite small, so it is possible to reach every point without a car.

Dates: 01/10/2019 – 01/04/2020 (six months)

Project description: Solidarity in the field of youth and culture

Volunteers at the association cultural Link will support the team of the association in the realization of the planned activities along the course of their stay and will be engaged in preparation, implementation and evaluation of following activities:

  • educational workshops on environment, interculturality and citizenship, in schools or recreational facilities (Community Library) for children and young people (also disadvantaged), linguistic and intercultural workshops in secondary schools; – recreational activities for young people and adolescents (Link Club);
  • cultural activities, event organization and thematic debates on topics of interest for youth, cineforum in original languages, thematic days, etc. at the municipal media library by Irsina FEDRO and the Community Library Agorateca” of Altamura managed the association;
  • information activities e cultural events for young people: meetings with students, associations, informal groups, info-days on Europe and promotion of the “ESC” program, planning and making a radio broadcast.
  • workshops and local events, activities of entertainment in the neighborhoods, workshops with groups minority groups such as immigrants and disabled, summer camps, courses, in collaboration with other associations, social cooperatives and local authorities;
  • office work and personal project development (international contacts, web site maintenance).

Housing: Apartament shared with other volunteers in the city center of Altamura (no single room available).

The volunteers flat of Altamura is settled in the city centre. Volunteers will stay in a dorm with four beds, the flat has a common space (living room) with a beautiful view. There is a bathroom which all volunteers share. There is a kitchen where the volunteers are able to prepare meals on their own and to make lunch and dinner with friends. The house has an independent heating system.
There is also a washing machine. The volunteers is obliged to take care of the house and all included furniture and objects. It is the responsibility of the volunteer to clean the house. In the case that something is broken by the volunteer, or the house is left in bad condition, it is the responsibility of the volunteer to reimburse the organization for fixing or cleaning it.
The flat is supposed to host ONLY volunteers, it is not allowed to host other persons. The volunteer can use the internet point, or internet access of the LINK office during the opening hours of the office (there is no internet in the flat).

Financial conditions: The funds of the ESC program cover 100% of the food and accommodation, give a pocket money to the volunteer which amounts to 115 euros a month, offer a health insurance that reimburses medical expenses during the project and provides language training on a digital platform .

Application: send your CV and motivation letter to Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. – In order to participate to ESC program, volunteers should be registered on the ESC portal

Deadline: As soon as possible

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