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Eurodesk Altamura


esc logo enHere you can find all long term project coodinating by Link in hosting organizations in Altamura.




Auxilium is a social enterpriauxise created in 1984 in Altamura; a Type A cooperative which manages social healthcare services. Over the years Auxilium has offered a range of services. Today, Auxilium operates in the sector of psychiatric, disability, the elderly, schooling, training and volunteering. In the area of Volunteering: ‘Auxilium e dintorni’ – an association for volunteers; Associazione Polisportiva ‘’Olimpica’’; Community service’ trainings for university students; volunteers.
EVS volunteers are hosted by two social structures of Auxilium:  Centro Diurno focuses on mental disability while ‘Il Volo’ is based on helping people with mental and also physical disabilities. These centers provide clients with different activities and processes like: cognitive, social, personal, relational/emotional and communicative and expressive.

You can read more here:

“Centro Diurno”:

‘’Il Volo’’ :

 Description of planned activities:

The volunteer will take part in the implementation of various rehabilitation activities carried out in structure, to support educators and users. The volunteer will be initially trained about a correct approach with people with disabilities, the working methods of the team, spaces, roles and rules within it. After this phase, there will be an observation period for the volunteer during which he/she will be able to better internalize the information previously learned. Finally, the volunteer, assisted by an educator, will be involved in the daily life of the Centre, in its relations with users and the realization of activities.

The volunteer has to take part in all the activities and to learn from every sector of the structure that is provided for the users. After the first months the volunteer will choose the activities he/she wants to develop more or/and develop a personal project inside the structure. It is also desired to see the volunteers involving actively and promoting their activities to be done for and with the clients of the centre.

If you want apply you can find the official call on the ESC portal here:



anfAnffas Onlus Altamura has the aim to pursue social inclusion, protection of human rights and civil rights of people with intellectual disabilities and their families through the management of social and health services. Anffas Onlus Altamura is a non-profit association that is part of the largest Italian association of people with disabilities named Anffas Onlus that has over 50 years of experience all around Italy. The association is run and governed by the principle of democracy, it operates mainly on a voluntary basis and pursues the goals of solidariety and social promotion.

The "mission" of the association is to promote the autonomy and the inclusion of people who have relationship difficulties and intellectual disabilities and who are at risk of social exclusion. To achieve those goals the association manages residential and non-residential centres that have inside rehabilitation activities and social inclusion activities. 


 Description of planned activities:

The activities for involved volunteers will be mostly concentrated on supporting staff of the structures in carrying out rehabilitation activities for disabled adults (with physical and mental problems).

The activities which the structure offers to their members are: gardening and planting, music, theatre workshops, art and handicrafts, dance, pet-therapy and more; social activities in the area: excursions, guided tours, watching films and theatre plays and listening to music; sports: football, gym, yoga; fun recreational activities. The volunteer works from Monday till Friday around 30 hours per week. Weekend is free if there is no special event planned. In the case of working during weekend day the volunteer has the right to have an extra day free during the week. For each month of activity the volunteer has the right of 2 days of holidays. The holidays needs to be confirmed with the hosting organization.

If you want apply you can find the official call on the ESC portal here:


Venue: Altamura

Altamura is divided in two parts: the city and the historical centre where is the office of Link. In the historical centre you can visit the cathedral. This church is quite important and it was built by Federico the II di Svevia in the year 1232. It is the most important monument of the city, and also the square around it is important in the summer evenings to sit together and have a drink with friends and during the city holidays to see the great parades which they organize.
The city has 70.000 inhabitants, but it is quite small, so it is possible to reach every point without a car.

 Housing: Apartament shared with other volunteers in the city center of Altamura (no single room available).

The volunteers flat of Altamura is settled in the city centre. Volunteers will stay in a dorm with four beds, the flat has a common space (living room) with a beautiful view. There is a bathroom which all volunteers share. There is a kitchen where the volunteers are able to prepare meals on their own and to make lunch and dinner with friends. The house has an independent heating system.
There is also a washing machine. The volunteers is obliged to take care of the house and all included furniture and objects. It is the responsibility of the volunteer to clean the house. In the case that something is broken by the volunteer, or the house is left in bad condition, it is the responsibility of the volunteer to reimburse the organization for fixing or cleaning it.
The flat is supposed to host ONLY volunteers, it is not allowed to host other persons. 

Financial conditions: The funds of the ESC program cover 100% of the food and accommodation, give a pocket money to the volunteer which amounts to 115 euros a month, offer a health insurance that reimburses medical expenses during the project and provides language training on a digital platform .


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